Sirola Training Systems

Sirola Training Systems

About the system

Movement based approach with elite physical training for high athletic performance.

Sirola Training Systems represents an approach to training developed due to continuous work in fitness, rehabilitation, and the physical performance of young and professional athletes. STS unites 20+ years of experience together with continuing education with the main goal of helping clients to reach their best possible results.

You can’t go hard all the time – you can get more with less.

The STS approach to training it’s based on detailed assessment and evaluation of the individual athlete. As a foundation biomechanical and functionally correct fundamental movement patterns are used together with neurological training for efficient visual, vestibular and proprioceptive systems. On top of that are build all other physical qualities - energy system development, strength, power, and speed/agility.

Constant monitoring over the training adaptations is made, like this in every moment training can be adjusted based on athlete physical, mental, and emotional reaction to the training stimulus. Training is seen as a continuum, a long-term impact on an athlete’s body and mind, rather than only as an activity to reach specific physical goals.

STS is characterized by a holistic view of training, combining different methodologies and practices, rather than focusing on only one style or training method. Thus, STS can be equally efficient in various aspects of the training continuum - returning to training after injury or high-performance sports training.

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