Over-specialization with under-development

Early specialization by many sport scientists is today called the sickness of modern sport. In modern sport, young athletes need to spend so much time playing […]

Modern Approach to Strength & Conditioning – Part 2

In the second part of this blog series I will share my point of view on developing efficient cardiovascular system via energy system development as well […]

Modern Approach to Strength & Conditioning – Part 1

Modern Approach to Strength & Conditioning – Part 1 In this blog series I decided to share my view of how modern approach to strength and […]

Self-myofascial release – pros and cons

Foam rolling and other techniques under the so-called self-myofascial release (SMR) continue to gain popularity in the fitness world today. These days, we can find foam […]

5 basic bodyweight strength test/exercises for every athlete

We can measure the strength in many different ways. First of all there are many different types of strength: maximal strength, explosive strength, strength endurance, strength […]

Athletic stance – 4 important rules to have optimal position

There is one postural position/stance that is common to all multidirectional sports and it’s called athletic stance. Regardless to the surface (ice, grass, clay, hardwood) or […]

The myth of functional training

I was inspired to write this post about functional training since this term has been misunderstood by many personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches as well […]

Slide board training to improve tennis player’s performance

Modern strength and conditioning coaches can choose various equipment in order to improve athleticism of their athletes. Some of this available equipment is more or less […]

Stability training enigma

Today in fitness, rehabilitation and sports performance we can find so much misunderstanding of what stability is and how to achieve it. To explain better the […]